2024 Lensculture Critics Choice 2024 winner 
selected by Andrew Wingert of Pace Gallery / New York
2023 InCadaques "coup de coeur" winner
2023 InCadaques festival 2023 - shortlisted
2023 Fresh Eyes international talent 2023 by GUP magazine
2023 FAPA , Fine Arts Photography Awards 2023, 3rd place winner
2022 Contemporary Collage Magazine Awards 22 – UK , winner
2022 Hariban Awards 22 – Kyoto Honorable Mention
2022 Fresh 22 by Klompching Gallery – Brooklyn NY , Finalist
2022 Lensculture Art Photography Awards 22 , Finalist
2021 Siena Creative Photo Awards , Shortlisted

2024 Photo Basel with Ibasho Gallery
2024 Sense of place - group show - PhotoPlace Gallery  - Vermont USA
2024 An ocean in between the waves – solo show – Deuss Gallery
2024 Fragmentations – group show – AHWNN Gallery
2023 Art Antwerp fair with Deuss Gallery
2023 Paris Photo with Ibasho Gallery
2023 Haute Photographie with GUP magazine
2023 Unseen Amsterdam with Deuss Gallery
2023 Unseen Amsterdam with Ibasho Gallery
2023 Stories that bind us – group show - Center of Fine Art Photography – Colorado
2023 Eventually, Everything connects – group show – Deuss Gallery Antwerp
2023 Art Paris with Galerie Esther Woerdehoff
2023 Memento – group show – Mast Art Gallery Kortrijk 
2023 Modern Living + Deuss Gallery – solo show at Volkstraat 6 – Antwerp
2022 Silence – group show – Galerie Esther Woerdehoff – Paris
2022 Homo Erotica - viewing room on ARTSY with Galerie Esther Woerdehoff
2022 Foundation Andrée et Pierre Arty – group show - KBR Brussels
2022 Unseen Amsterdam – group show – Deuss Gallery
2022 Under my skin – viewing room on ARTSY with Galerie Esther Woerdehoff
2022 Alternative Processes – Pride month group show
2022 Art Photography – group show – Artdoc Photography Magazine
2022 Now it’s day, but I am dreaming – solo show – Deuss Gallery
2022 Antwerp Art Weekend with Deuss Gallery
2022 Intimate Conversations – group show with Engarde Brussels
2021 Paris Photo – group show – Galerie Esther Woerdehoff – Paris
2021 Shift – group show – Rivoli Brussels
2021 Unseen Amsterdam – group show – Deuss Gallery
2021 Onboards Biennale – groups show – Antwerp
2021 The same as it never was – solo show – Deuss Gallery
2020 Clement – group show – Brussels
2019 Maison 8 – groups show – Brussels
2019 Fragments and collected instants – solo show with Alexandra Beirnaerdt

Publications & more
Book launch - An ocean in between the waves
Featured in ' A sense of place ' book by PhotoPlace Gallery
Album and Single covers for Polish composer Piotr Wiese at Modern Records
Featured in the 2023 InCadaqués Risograph catalog.
Featured in Fresh Eyes  book by GUP
Interview in Contemporary Collage Magazine #21 – UK
Featured in Hariban Award 2022 Catalogue by Benrido Atelier in Kyoto
Featured in Fresh 2022 Catalogue by Klompching Gallery – Brooklyn NY
Featured in ‘How to read images” ebook by Artdoc Magazine
Fundraising for HIV research foundation ‘HIV ontrafelen’ , auction of my work ‘we had the stars’ by Phillips auction house
Featured in Contemporary Collage Magazine issue #14
Featured in Artdoc Magazine issue #3, 2022 “Voice of Nature”
Featured in De Standaard Magazine, words by Veerle Windels
Featured on
Featured in Spunk Magazine issue #14 “Performance” a literary art journal from Los Angeles by Aaron Tilford
Book launch - The same as it never was 
Featured in “A6 murals worldwide” a book by Lydia Wierenga

Artist statement

Fading, melancholy, nostalgia, fragility or darkness, but without being somber? Motmans balances between figurative and abstract, complexity and a – deceitful – simplicity.The fragile works seem to feed on romanticism as well as minimalism.It shows a sense of great tenderness and sensuality but also of apprehension. Of a slight fear to possibly lose something.

Gert Motmans is a craftsman. He often chooses to work with analog techniques and to develop his images in the darkroom. He works with materials such as handmade Japanese paper or weathered / yellowed papers he finds in vintage stocks.In this way he breathes new life into traditional techniques and old materials. In essence a very cherishing gesture. It seems as if the artist wants to protect things from the future.

The graduate from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, fulltime fashion designer and visual artist puts his identity, personality, personal experiences and dreams first in his images.This intimate work appeals to universal values and feelings, despite its highly personal nature. Motmans images require attention. They invite the viewer to stroll, wander, get lost or even disappear in them

From this body of work speaks a fascination with time. Motmans’ pictures express a desire for another world. A longing for familiarity and nostalgia. At the same time his images seem to embrace a threatening, futuristic vision. As if Marcel Proust glances at Henry David Thoreau while a young Brian Eno watches cheerfully and provides the scene with soft rustling sounds.

Deuss Gallery 
 Provinciestraat 11 
 2018 Antwerp

IBASHO Gallery
Tolstraat 67
2000 Antwerp

Galerie Esther Woerdehoff
36, Rue Falguière
75015 Paris

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